APRIL 2024

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Pianists Łukasz and Małgorzata Wilga to Perform at Annual Open House

2024 Open House and Piano Recital

We are delighted to announce that pianists Łukasz and Małgorzata Wilga will be joining us for the Fourth Annual Spring Open House at the Percy Grainger Home and Studio on Sunday, April 14 at 2:00 PM (US Eastern). This exclusive event will showcase the exceptional talent of the Wilga duo in the intimate setting of Percy Grainger’s historic home. This concert will be broadcast live at 2:00 pm US Eastern on the Percy Grainger Home and Studio Facebook page.

Łukasz and Małgorzata Wilga hold doctoral degrees in piano performance from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, and are long-time Grainger aficionados. Commenting on their upcoming all-Grainger program at the Open House, Łukasz shared, “Grainger’s music has always inspired me, and I am humbled to share my interpretation of his works in such a historic setting.” Małgorzata added: “Playing at the Percy Grainger Home and Studio is a tremendous honor...I am thrilled to bring his compositions to life."

Follow this link to view additional details about the Open House and Piano Recital, including a list of works by Percy Grainger to be performed by the Wilga duo.

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At the Home & Studio

PGH&S Annual Open House

Spring Open House

We are just days away from the Fourth Annual Spring Open House! Each spring, the Percy Grainger Society invites the local community to visit the Percy Grainger Home and Studio at 7 Cromwell Place. From the music room to the bedrooms and beyond, the house quietly illustrates how each Grainger family member made this space an echo of their individual interests and unique personalities. Built in the late 1800s, the house is a beloved White Plains landmark and a graceful reminder of White Plains neighborhoods from days gone by. We look forward to welcoming you to this fascinating and historic home on Sunday, April 14th!

While the event is free and open to the public, space limitations require registration. Register here to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

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Membership Happenings

PGS Welcomes Dr. Andrew Hugill, G.L.O.S.S. Project Consultant


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Andrew Hugill as the Project Consultant for the Grainger Library of Sampled Sound (GLOSS). The GLOSS project, a culmination of several years of dedicated collecting and recording effort, offers a diverse collection of recorded sounds from the iconic Percy Grainger home at 7 Cromwell Place in White Plains, New York. This innovative library is designed to provide composers, sound artists and musicians with a rich repository of sounds and ambient recordings for the creation of musical compositions and evocative soundscapes.

The current project is directed at expanding GLOSS for use by neurodivergent people working in sound and music. This encompasses a wide spectrum of individuals with unique cognitive profiles, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological differences. Their needs often include tailored approaches to learning, sensory sensitivity considerations, and support in navigating the complexities of music and composing. 

Professor Andrew Hugill, who is himself autistic, is a distinguished figure in the world of music and technology. He assumes the role of Program Consultant for GLOSS, bringing a wealth of expertise and insight to guide the evolution and utilization of this groundbreaking resource. In addition to writing and speaking on the subject of neurodiversity, Prof. Hugill founded the Aural Diversity Project in 2018.

Follow this link to read more about the GLOSS project's history and current initiative focusing on creating an inclusive space for diverse voices and perspectives within the realm of musical composition and sonic exploration.

Read more here.

Save the Date

May 16, 2024: Grainger Reimagined

Reimagining Grainger Through Composition

Grainger Reimagined is a three-part series of online presentations exploring the ways in which Grainger’s outputs as composer, arranger, and performer have been recast in the contemporary moment.

The third and final presentation in the series, "Reimagining Grainger Through Composition," will be given by composer Michael Markowski on Thursday, May 16 at 4:00 PM (Eastern US) via Zoom. Of this presentation, Markowski writes:

In this presentation will explore Grainger’s love for folk songs and share how his philosophies have affected his own compositions. In particular, we will take a deep dive into Desert Sage, a four-movement suite inspired by field recordings of early American “cowboy songs.”

Visit the "Reimagining Grainger Composition" event listing on our website for additional details. Follow this link to learn more about the complete Grainger Reimagined series. 

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