What's new?

We are delighted to move into the last days of 2018 with more Grainger news! 

We push on with our mission to re-create of the life and times of Australian composer Percy Grainger during his forty years in America (1921 to 1961). We are actively restoring the Grainger House and looking forward to the Fall 2019 cataloging project. 

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Barry Peter Ould

What's going on?

  • The Grainger Society received a grant from the New York State Archives's Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services.  Gratitude to Anne Ocone, our museum coordinator and now ace grant writer. Project summary here. 
  • Congrats to longtime Grainger board member Dana Paul Perna and his new work "The George Gershwin Initiative." Can't wait to hear the podcasts Friday, Nov 9 and Friday, Nov 16, noon and 6PM EST, archived after.
  • Keep checking our blog. There's always more to learn and say about Percy.