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Curious About The Grainger Journal?

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One of our most popular members’ benefits, The Grainger Journal is a twice-yearly publication devoted to the study of the music, life and cultural contribution of Percy Grainger. Each edition of the journal includes a wide range of articles promoting Grainger scholarship, and news items that keep members up-to-date with developments in the society and in the Percy Grainger Home and Studio. Submissions are welcomed from established academics, new entrants to the field, and those who simply admire the works of Percy Grainger. 

The Grainger Journal began modestly in 1978, under the editorship of Dr. David Tall, but quickly grew in size and scope, with contributions from a wide range of distinguished Grainger scholars, and also those you knew and worked with Percy Grainger. Editorship of the journal passed to Barry Peter Ould in 1984, with publication continuing up to 2002. These early editions of the journal (volumes 1–16) provide a fascinating and valuable insight into the life and music of Grainger, and are freely available in digital format at The Grainger Journal Archive.

The society was delighted to be able to relaunch The Grainger Journal in 2021, under the editorship of current society President, Dr. Paul Jackson, with issues distributed to members in both print and digital format each January and July. The next edition (vol. 18, no 2) will be available later this month, but members might also be interested in reading a fuller account of the history and aims of the journal here.

Submissions to The Grainger Journal are welcome from members, who are encouraged to discuss proposals with the editors by email at journal@percygrainger.org. Guidance notes for the preparation and presentation of submissions can also be found here.

Membership Happenings

Percy Grainger Social Media

Do you follow us on social media?  Did you know that the Percy Grainger Society has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin account? Though related, each application is a separate resource and offers a more in-depth picture of the life and work of Percy and Ella Grainger, the work of the Society, and current Grainger related news.

Our Instagram highlights the collections at the Percy Grainger Home and Studio (PGH&S) in White Plains. We have photographs and paintings, scores and programs, musical instruments and furnishings, letters and records. We are always discovering new and interesting items that shed light on the lives of Rose, Percy and Ella. The images showcase a snapshot of their lives in White Plains.

The PGH&S Facebook page focuses on the mission of the Percy Grainger Society, celebrating Grainger related news and resources in addition to events, both virtual and at 7 Cromwell Place, produced by the Percy Grainger Society.

Are you on Linkedin? Our new LInkedin page was created as part of our outreach initiative to engage new audiences, attract volunteers, and find supporters. It incorporates information of the Society as well as news and upcoming events.

Click on the links above and follow us on our social media accounts. It’s an easy and fun way to keep up to date on all things Grainger! Join the conversation by tagging the pages above when sharing your own Grainger concert performances, research, projects, and memories, too!

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Orientation Poster

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Volunteers are essential to the Percy Grainger Society's mission, contributing many hours of service annually both virtually and at the Percy Grainger Home and Studio (PGH&S). Each year our volunteers donate their time to help greet the public, conduct tours, and care for our house and gardens. For a closer look at what our volunteers do, click here.

At this one-hour orientation, followed by a house tour, volunteers will learn about how to lead a hands-on visitor experience. Each will have a chance to learn about the board, members, staff, and other volunteers while learning how to introduce the Grainger story to the public at large. We will talk about the Grainger society, the PGH&S, and Percy Grainger himself, whose life and work created a vast musical history and legacy. The focus of this session will be on mastering the content necessary to become a tour guide.

The PGH&S is essentially a time capsule, a snapshot of life as lived in the early twentieth century. Percy Grainger, and his mother, Rose Grainger, moved in in May 1921. It became the home base for the Grainger family (Percy married Ella in 1928) for the next fifty-eight years. Many of the rooms are unchanged and reflect the taste, customs, and interests of this eclectic composer.

Hope you can join us!

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We reached over $12,000 in donations, we passed our goal thanks to generous donors like you. Now we can start 2023 strong with solid resources for membership programs, the Percy Grainger Home and Studio, and volunteers.

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Our mission is to promote the work and legacy of Percy Grainger with a membership community that preserves his historic house, encourages appreciation performance of his music, and promotes a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and economic context of his life and work.


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