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SAVE-THE-DATE(s) for our Spring Concerts (on Percy's Steinway!)

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    Sunday, May 5, 4 pm (info here)
    Pianist Rick Masters presents a concert
    Percy & Friends: Music by Percy Grainger and his Contemporaries

    Sunday, May 12, 4 pm (info here)

    Pianist Penelope Thwaites presents an illustrated recital

    A Musical Prodigy in Melbourne 1887-1895

    The house Preservation continues, snapshots here. Follow PercyGraingerAmerica on Instagram to see what turns up as we continue.

    Read our blog! There's always more to learn and say about Percy. 

    We push on with our mission to re-create the life and times of Australian composer Percy Grainger during his forty years in America (1921 to 1961). We are looking forward to Dr. John Roscigno's Fall 2019 cataloging project. More news soon! I will be arriving in White Plains for my annual visit during the week of April 21, and am looking forward to seeing old and new friends. 

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    Barry Peter Ould